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Kanada (British Columbia - Alberta) / August-September 2016

Vancouver - Vancouver Island (Victoria - Ucluelet - Campbell River - Telegraph Cove - Fähre nach Bella Bella und nach Bella Coola - Kleena Kleene - 100 Mile House - Jasper - Field (Emerald Lake) - Kamloops - Squamish - Egmont (Sunshine Coast) - Vancouver

“He is wise that is wise to himself.”
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But what can I do?

  1. Remind people that by and large the world is getting better, a lot better
    Other than climate change things are looking good. Over the last 50 years violence of all kinds has declined, wealth for most people has increased, fewer people die from disease, and more people receive an education. If the mission of civilization is to reduce ignorance, suffering and want, then we are doing pretty good right now.

  2. Don't ignore suffering constituencies
    Yes things are improving for most people but not everybody. If someone complains about foreigners taking jobs, we have to acknowledge and respect their fears. Nobody is going to care about our facts about employment and immigration if we don't acknowledge their pain first.

  3. Reward positive actions by community leaders and politicians
    Most of the time most of us ignore politicians and community leaders until they do something we don't like, then we complain loudly often with little effect. Most management and parenting books tell us that it is much more effective to reward good behavior then to punish bad. So, whenever a community leader does something that reaffirms our values tell them what you think they are doing right. Send a copy to the newspaper and a website while you're at it.

  4. Support strong ethical journalism (All types of support....$$$$)
    A strong democracy operates on informed consent so we need a news source with an unimpeachable reputation. It is not enough to have an honest news source, it has to be generally known to be honest. It is our job both to support honest media, and to hold them to the highest ethical and journalistic standards.

  5. Don't repeat lies, report the BS
    The headline should not be "Popular politician says tigers don't exist and have never existed." The headline should be "Popular politician continues to make unsubstantiated claims widely known to be false". The story is not the false claim, the story is the attempt to destroy the idea that truth exists.

  6. Embrace a wider middle ground
    We have to join with people who have a slightly different opinion than ours, otherwise people with dramatically different opinions will divide us. If the global far-right wave hits Canada in a big way, with big money, and big propaganda, then we have to be ready to stand together. That will mean each of us embracing people that we sorta disagree with.

  7. Publicly reaffirm community values
    Autocrats claim to be acting on behalf of the majority. We must publicly reaffirm our values as individuals and groups so that the claim is revealed as a lie.

  8. Be curious
    When confronted with an individual who holds dramatically different views, we shouldn't get mad and argue, instead we should be curious and ask questions about why they hold their view. By thinking about their answers to our questions they learn that their views are not as clear and firm as they thought they were.


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